Make your event unique with a Jazz concert.


You wish to make your event memorable. Our live music, played by professional musicians, will help you achieve that goal.
Our musicians graduated from the best music schools from Belgium and Europe. We have chosen them for their experience and professionalism. They travel across Belgium and abroad. They are sophisticated, punctual, creative and deliver outstanding work.
For more information, do not hesitate to read our commitment and testimonials from our clients on our page references.


Jazz reception offers different concert options, all adaptable to your needs and expectations.




Festival, Fair, Exhibition

You are planning a large-scale event, and need the help of one or several of our Jazz bands to guarantee a successful outcome.

Jazz reception has the answers your need.


Thanks to our flexibility, we can easily foresee and adapt the size of our bands to meet your requirements. We suggest you contact us to discuss your expectations.

We have already participated to countless events; visit our section references to find out more.
Our specialties are the Jazz, Bossa Nova and Gypsy Jazz  styles. As always, you can always choose the formula most suited to your needs and expectations from our wide array of options. Want to know more? We would be happy to answer any question you may have here (contact). Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Cocktail party, gala, reception, banquet or buffet

You want to add a certain « cachet » to your event. Jazz reception will allow you to do just that. Go for a Jazz concert during a cocktail party, a gala, a banquet or a buffet, and give soul to your reception!


Jazz reception offers several quality jazz bands to your disposal, with professional and stylish musicians. They will guarantee you a quality evening with fine music, and will be on call for your every need. They are perfectly capable of interpreting the classics from the Jazz & Bossa Nova style, and will set a classy and chic tone to the event.
Another style that might interest you is the Gypsy Jazz or Celtic Folk. Our formulas are adjustable to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us here.


Vernissage, exhibition, accompaniment during dance performances or plays

You are organizing an exhibition. Allow your guests to enjoy the art pieces while the jazz band sooths them with a cosy tune.
Jazz reception offers several Jazz styles to you (Jazz & Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Funk/Pop/Jazz)


Jazz reception can as easily accompany professional dancers (as was the case with De Fara from Roberto Olivan) as well as set a particular mood during plays, and perform during shows.
Our musicians graduated from the best music schools, and they are all creative and open to other art forms.

If you have any specific needs, please let us know, we will be happy to oblige.


Secular holidays, communion, bar mitzvah, baby shower, graduation ceremony…

Be it for a communion, a secular holiday, a bar mitzvah, a baby shower, a birthday, a graduation ceremony or simply a party, Jazz reception knows how important those moments are for you, and together we will make sure they stay etched in your memories. We commit ourselves to add a touch of originality to your event with a musical animation performed by professional musicians.


Depending on the atmosphere you wish to convey and your budget, Jazz Reception offers different music styles and formulas of jazz concerts.


If you wish to set a cosy and relaxed mood, we recommend the Jazz & Bossa Nova groups (standard jazz and Brazilian music played by Stan Getz). The Gypsy Jazz style might suit you just as well.
Should the dance fever overtake you, the disco, funk and jazz bands are available to set fire to the dance floor. Finally quality live music!
To find out more, click on the following sections Disco- Funk – Jazz.

Do not hesitate to contact us to review your needs with us.


Reception during National day or public holiday, Christmas party or New Year’s party.

You work for an embassy, a national representation, a region, community, city, municipality, an institution or organisation. You are planning a reception for your national day, local or regional holiday.
You wish to end the year in style with a little Christmas party or New Year’s party with your colleagues. Call on Jazz Reception, and we’ll make sure this event becomes an unforgettable moment. To find out more, click here.
Depending on the atmosphere you wish to convey and your budget, Jazz Reception offers different music styles and formulas of jazz concerts.

Jazz & Bossa Nova

Gypsy Jazz

Celtic Folk


Testimonials from the representative of Bavaria: references.






Company party

You wish to hold a company party. We invite you to take a look at our pages dedicated to this type of event here.


Inauguration of a Hotel or Restaurant.

For more than 10 years, Jazz reception has brought its know-how and professionalism to it’s customers. We have performed at several Hotel and restaurant inaugurations, such as Conrad Brussels, Astoria, Club med and countless others.

Our musicians excel at blending in with style, leaving ample time to your guests to talk and get to know each other, as well as taking an important place at your event. We commit ourselves to help you create a pleasurable and cosy atmosphere. All of your guests will feel welcome.

To find out more about the different music styles and bands we propose, take a look at our pages:

Jazz & Bossa Nova

Gypsy Jazz




One of your relatives passed away, and you wish to pay him a final tribute.
Our deepest condolences to you and your family.
We can accompany you with acoustic music during mass at church, the cemetery or during the ceremony.
He or she loved Jazz music, and that is why we’ll commemorate him/her by playing just that.
We can play in between speeches, at the beginning or the end of the ceremony, as you prefer.
We can discuss the funeral proceedings together.

We recently added this section after several relatives had told us how moved they were by this original farewell. They asked us to play the deceased’s favourite songs, some sad songs and other more joyful full of hope. A saxophone resonating in a church, this was one ceremony no one will forget.
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