Funk Soul – Pop


In this « Funk Soul & Pop » music section, you can choose between two groups providing energy, dance and entertainment to your event ! Enjoy the warmth and the genuineness of a professional band for your event.


«Mother Popcorn» in live concert at your private party:

«Mother Popcorn» performs live Funk Soul and Pop classics providing you with an unforgettable memory ! A female singer full of energy will set fire to the room and bring all the guests to the dance floor. The professional musicians will play the hits of Stevie Wonder, Michaël Jackson, Prince, Jamiroquai, Amy Winehouse….

«Mother Popcorn» is made up of 5 musicians minimum (with a female singer, drums, guitar, bass and sax) and gets your guests dancing with more than 9 musicians on scene (adding the brass wind section plus the trombone, the barytone saxophone, trumpet, the saxophone alto, the pianist and the keyboard). As from now you are transported into the grandiose…this portrait of the band playing is colourful and conveys a joyful atmosphere, reinforced by the purity of the sound.

To get your guests dancing «Mother Popcorn» is the go to band!


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«ExtraSystole» in live concert for your event:

You are looking for an original live group for your evening party and you would you like to hear fresh and high quality music. «ExtraSystole» is the sparkling music that will make the difference. The young musicians group is led by the thrilling voice of the young Sasha whose compositions will add a forward-looking and dynamic touch to your concert.

With a long experience of concert halls and festivals, this group will illuminate your evening. The group «ExtraSystole» made up of 8 musicians (lyrics, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet and saxophone) won’t suit all pockets but if you love it…


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