Select the right Jazz band for company event.


Providing your guests with a live Jazz band makes all the difference. This classy and relaxing touch will guarantee successful evening, that will remain engraved in your guests’ memory.
We can provide different musical bands depending on your event.
Our company « Jazz Reception » has been gathering the best musicians for more than 10 years. All of them will meet your requirements and needs.
We work with both the public and the private sector.

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you may select the style you want on the left column. For instance, you can select the Jazz & Bossa orchestra if you’re going for a soft and refined atmosphere that will fit your reception perfectly. Similarly, you can opt for the “Gypsy Jazz” style. But if you want your guests to set fire on the dance floor, then go for the « Funk-Soul-Pop » group and be sure they will be fully entertained!

Let yourself be guided by your desires, and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the music.


A jazz band for your company cocktails, drinks or business reception.

Savour a nice little jazz cocktail in between speeches to avoid monotony. Enjoy the warmth and the visual spectacle that the jazz musicians are displaying. Not too loud, this music will enable the guests to chat quietly at their heart’s content. The double bass and its fine silhouette, the gentleness of the saxophone and the discreet rhythm coming from the guitar will all guide you to a relaxed and classy mood! The band can play in between speeches if you so choose.

For this event, we recommend the Jazz & Bossa Nova bands or the Gypsy Jazz.

A Jazz concert for the open-door days:

It’s a special day and you want your company to shine. Surprise your guests and add a touch of originality to your event. A Professional and well-dressed music quartet will perform at your event and liven up the mood of everybody. Here as well, the Jazz & Bossa Nova, the Gypsy Jazz and the Celtic Folk will suit the occasion.


A jazz concert at your company evening or party:

Jazz reception is the ideal partner when it comes to organising an original party. It’s time to relax! Let your crew and the whole staff swing to the tune of our Jazz bands. Get everybody swinging to the beat of a real live band, with an exceptional, internationally renowned female singer. The visual spectacle, the human touch of the musicians and the crowd, and the acoustic quality of live music… all of these things are what will guarantee the success of your event. A band of dynamic musicians will offer you a selection covers to dancing tunes, such as those of Prince, Stevie Wonder, Jamairoquaï, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and more. Find out more about our Funk & Disco dancing groups here !


A jazz concert during walking dinner:

A delicious buffet, good wine, a sunny day….only some good music with a fantastic acoustic is missing. Leaning on their table, your guests will enjoy the soft music in between two conversations. If the sun shows up, what you need is the bossa nova (Jazz & Bossa orchestra). This music reminds one of sun and tranquility! A Gipsy Jazz or Celtic Folk atmosphere can also do the job perfectly.


A jazz concert for your Christmas party:

It is Christmas and New Year’s Eve is approaching, a well-deserved leave and this time you want some fresh music! It is not your first Christmas party and you would like something new, a live Jazz band. For a relaxed atmosphere choose the Jazz & Bossa orchestra and you will get some heat in the middle of the winter with the long-awaited musical break.


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