Frequent Asked Questions

Jazz Réception helps you with any questions regarding organising events and with the welcoming of jazz musicians for your private party. (13)

Who are we?

The staff of Jazz Réception selects the professional musicians you need.

Over the years we have gathered the best performers who fit any style music.

We listen to your needs and expectations, and thanks to our personal contact we are able to provide you an adjustable orchestra for your event.

Quality and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do!

The selection of our musicians relies on two criteria: quality and professionalism. By Quality, we mean a musical and technical mastery of the musical style requested, the stage experience on the best European stages, public recognition (awards, prizes, prestigious venues, music reviews..) and of course the pleasure of performing. By professionalism, we ensure you a presentable crew, punctuality, courtesy, and flexibility meeting your needs. With our help, your party will come to life.

Why should you choose a live band?

Providing your guests with a live performance will ensure them a clear sound, a friendly atmosphere and a great sight for every guest to behold. You bring the genuineness and the proximity of professional musicians that will leave no one indifferent. There is no comparison with the usual hi-fi system!

Imagine the beauty of a 19th century double bass that still vibrates today and guides you on a refined jazz dance.  Each of your conversations is accompanied by an attractive melody while you delight yourself with a cocktail. Between two brief encounters you look at the guitarist and admire the patience that has been required to achieve such a mastery of the instrument. Suddenly one of your guests reminds that he also started to learn the saxophone and would like to start doing it again without further delay.

Musicians are close to you; you observe how they play and how their melodies intertwine. The strings of the bass bounce like a heartbeat and your finger starts to tap on the edge of the table. Between two solos, the saxophonist exchanges a knowing smile with the guitarist, they are right in the middle of a call and response and the guests are in on it.

What does Jazz Réception need from you ?

If possible, here are the things to take into account:


  • The cell phone of a person who will be reachable and available at the time and the place of the date’s event.
  • A close parking space (to unload gear) and an easy access for the musicians.
  • A pre-assigned space with a power socket for the performance in the reception room for the musicians.
  • A precise schedule for the good unwinding of the performance (there are sometimes different organisations, please pass on any information that your colleagues and co-organiser might need)
  • A function room where the artists can dress themselves, have a break and stock their materials for the scene (instrument cases, bags, clothes).
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments for the performers.
  • Please avoid any other background music (even coming from another room) while the performers of Jazz Réception are playing.

Which musical group will fit the best to my event? I don’t have any knowledge in music but I would like an orchestra for my party, which music style should I choose?

We will be glad to advise you (contact).

Getting in touch with our customer and providing them full satisfaction is our foremost concern.

You can also listen to the different groups and watch their videos. On the left column, you can have an overview of each project; we detail the atmosphere that will match the best to your event.

Which gear and space should you provide?

Should you organize the laying of a podium, sound and lighting system for the jazz performers?

This matters varies from an event to another.

For every band offered by the team of Jazz Réception, you just have to provide an electrical socket and we will do the rest. Allow an absolute minimum of 1 square metre across per performer. Moreover, please leave a storage room available, where the musicians will be able to

store non-used gear during the performance (instrument cases, bags, clothes) and also have a break (according to your availabilities).

For the large-scale events (275 guests and more) and according to the expected effect, you might need an external sound system and a sound and lighting engineer. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We often collaborate with  AVL Group to ensure you a quality of sound, light and control room fitted to your event.

How does the welcoming of the band work?

The welcoming of the performers depends on the event and the concerned spaces. Each musician dedicates all its energy to your event, please offer them a warm welcome.


Here are a couple of things you should not forget:

  • An easy access to the scene for the musicians, close to the parking space (parking access will have to be provided to the staff).
  • A cloakroom for the dressing and the musician’s breaks
  • The musicians access authorizations (for some event, there are sometimes different organisations which implies several access authorization)


The musicians will be ready to play 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

How long will the band play for ?

A question about the performance’s length of time? Our bands generally offer a 3 x 45 minute sets (except for the Funk/Soul/Pop projects which offer 2×50 explosives minutes). This can however, be flexible dependant on your individual needs. Your satisfaction is our priority !

How much does it cost to hire a Jazz band?

You are passionate about jazz and you want to give your guests a professional jazz band but you are afraid of exceeding your budget. The price depends on the number of hired musicians, the more you hire the more you pay. Do not underestimate how smooth and beautiful a jazz duo can be. Ask for a quotation here.


Est-il possible de changer le style de musique en cours de soirée ou jouer un morceau particulier de notre choix ?

Nos groupes sont modulables et flexibles. Certains de nos orchestres peuvent combiner les styles. Vous pouvez par exemple commencer avec du jazz doux pour le drink ou le repas et enchaîner avec du funk soul pop pour enflammer la piste de danse. Le groupe de folk celtique peut aussi adapter son répertoire pour une musique douce d’ambiance en première partie et une musique de bal pour la fête dansante. S’il vous faut un morceau en particulier, vous n’avez qu’à le demander (à l’avance de préférence !).

Jazz Réception est à votre service et nous discuterons ensemble de votre projet.

Do you offer other music styles that the ones we can find on your website?

We certainly can meet your requirements; do not hesitate to contact us.

What are your references?

Have a look at our references page. More than 10 years at your service.

Do you perform at bals or evening parties?

Yes, our projects Funk Soul Pop and Celtic Folk will be perfect for your evening parties.


Why can you trust Jazz Réception ?

Quality and professionalism!

With us, you are in good hands; we can ensure you high quality service and long experience. We guarantee top-rate service and a full commitment. We are at your disposal and thanks to the personalized contact, we can advise you an adaptable orchestra matching perfectly with your event.

Call on the services of a professional instead of a less experienced musician arriving late in his old shoes and refusing to put his volume down pretending you don’t understand nothing about his art ! It sounds a little bit cliché, but it is more common than you can imagine….

With our help, you can organize your evening party in peace.